About us

Welcome to Sportlann Naomh Anna in Lettermore, Co Galway, one Ireland’s premier sports and recreation centres.


After Cumann Peile Naomh Anna hosted Comortás Peile na Gaeltachta in 2002 it was a source of pride for everyone involved how successful the weekend went.

The committee noticed the positive effect the event had on the community and were inspired to undertake their dream of building the sport’s and recreation centre Spórtlann Naomh Anna.

The club always understood the importance of football  in the area and realised the benefit a variety of sport and recreation to the area

 It was estimated that the construction of the building would cost €1500,000 in 2004.The football association received a grant worth €1.2 million from the minister Éamonn O Cuív and the Department of Community, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs.

The minister and the Department added an extra €527,000 which allowed to fully equip the building

The committee organized a fundraising campaign and there were two major lotteries.

The Cumann Peile received $100,000 from the former footballer Michael Mhiceal Mhóir which greatly helped the development of the building. His only condition was that the building would be named after his late father, Michael Mór, one of the founders of Cumann Peile Naomh Anna. The committee were more than happy to do this.

On Saturday 9th June 2007 Sportlann Michael Mór opened its doors to the public.


The Sportlann is equipped with the most modern facilities for its members; for example two single handball walls. The Spórtlann is also able to facilitate World Champion Players.